Montag, 15. März 2010


Habe gerade ein bißchen hier duchgeblättert, jede Menge neuer Inspirationen.
Ich muß mich gleich in das Heft richtig vertiefen, Heute weder ich ein paar Patchworksachen fertigstellen!
Und ich gleibe es wird Zeit mal wieder ein  eigenes Patchworkobjekt zu entwerfen. 
Diesen Samstag ist  das erste 7 Stündige Patchworktreffen, an dem ich mir vorgenommen habe die volle Zeit zu quilten.


  1. I have found you! I noticed last week that you joined my site as a follower and I've been trying to connect with you since that time. I wanted to say thank you for stopping and joining as a follower. I'm afraid I only speak English, but I love the pictures on your blog! Seeing all of the fabric and trims makes me want to start sewing on my machine again!

  2. Hello Doris,

    I appreciate so much the kind words you left for me yesterday! Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoy the things you find at my blog.
    And thank you so much for offering to interpret the German I find on your blog.

    I love all of those beautiful colors of fabric that you have displayed. Do you use those for "crafts" or do you sew your own clothes?

    When our daughter was a child I made all of her clothes from the time she was 3 years old through her college years. I loved it! Now that so many years have gone by and I've not kept at it, I have a lot harder time "getting started". I'm hoping to start sewing my own clothes in the fall. Spring and summer are always a busy time for us here.

    Thanks again for writing and being such a positive person!